Amundi ETF – competitive and innovative

As a leading European ETF Issuer Amundi, stands out for its competitive pricing*, innovation and the quality of the funds available to investors.

A useful tool in an investor’s portfolio

The global ETF market has grown considerably over the last decade. ETFs, also known as ‘trackers’, aim to replicate as closely as possible the performance of their benchmark index, whether it rises or falls. They combine the advantages of index funds (compliant with European UCITS IV regulations) with those of equities (easy to buy and sell).

A major European player in the ETF market

Competitive pricing structure*

Innovative and high quality products

Amundi ETF assets under management growing faster than the European market1

A range of simple, liquid and transparent ETFs, among the least expensive* in the market

01 | Recognised and trusted expertise 

Having launched its first funds in 2001, Amundi is recognised as one of the European pioneers in the ETF market.  We currently offer nearly one hundred products, all complying with European UCITS IV standards. Our range of ETFs covers the main asset classes, geographic regions and a large number of sectors and themes.


02 | Committed to our principles

Amundi’s ETF model is based on three strong and unvarying principles:

  • Competitive prices.  Our management fees are amongst the lowest in the market - more than 25% cheaper on average than similar European competitors’ products*.
  • Innovation.  We constantly seek and develop new products - more than a third of our funds were unique to Amundi at the time of their launch.
  • Product quality due to a proven replication method and clear and transparent information on the funds’ composition.


03 | Dedicated local teams

Amundi ETFs are listed on main European stock markets: Euronext Paris, Deutsche Börse, Borsa Italiana, SIX Swiss Exchange and the London Stock Exchange. Dedicated ETF teams are based in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.

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International recognition*

ETF Express Awards

  • Best Fixed Income (excluding cash) ETF Management Company - 2017
  • Best Emerging Market Management Company - 2017
  • Best Europe Equity ETF Management Firm - 2016
  • Best Fixed Income (all excluding cash) ETF Management Firm - 2016

Global Investor Awards

  • Smart Beta Manager of the Year 2016, Europe

Trackinsight Awards

  • Best Emerging Markets Equities ETF  AMUNDI ETF MSCI EMERGING MARKETS UCITS ETF - 2016

Asset TV awards

  • Most watched masterclass - 2016

Financial Express

  • Amundi ETF MSCI USA - 2016
  • Amundi Index Equity Euro - 2016

TrackInsight Awards 2016

  • Tracking Error Award: AMUNDI ETF MSCI USA UCITS ETF – EUR - 2016
  • Net Inflow Award: AMUNDI ETF MSCI EM ASIA UCITS ETF – EUR - 2016
  • Prix de l'excellence de gamme - 2017

Agefi Forum de la Gestion d’actifs

  • Trophée du Meilleur Fournisseur d’ETF - 2016

Agefi Actifs du Patrimoine

  • Actifs d’Or de la Distribution: Amundi ETF Floating Rate USD Corporate UCITS ETF - 2016

* Prizes awarded to Amundi ETF by Funds Europe magazine and by the readers of ETF Express.

1 - Reference period 2008-2014, source: Europe Monthly ETF Market Review - Deutsche Bank as at 31 December 2014, data likely to vary over time.

* Source Amundi ETF. Calculated by Amundi using data as of 29/01/2016 from source: DB ETF Research. The average asset-weighted Total Expense Ratios (TERs) of all Amundi ETF Funds: 0.26%, against global average TERs of other European ETFs (incl. the Funds): 0.30% as per DB ETF Research. Important: some individual Funds may not be cheaper than their European peers or may not have an equivalent European peer group to compare with and vice versa. The TER corresponds to the ongoing charges disclosed in the KIID. Analysis excluding third party commissions/costs incurred directly by investors when trading. 

The funds are neither sponsored, approved, distributed or promoted by index providers. Index providers make no declaration as to the suitability of an investment.A full description of the indices is available from the providers.

The policy regarding portfolio transparency and information on the funds’ assets are available on Indicative net asset value is published by stock exchanges. Shares purchased on the secondary market cannot usually be sold directly back to the funds. Investors must buy and sell shares on a secondary market with the assistance of an intermediary (e.g. a stockbroker) and may incur fees for doing so. Investors may pay more than the current net asset value when buying shares and may receive less than the current net asset value when selling them.

This information is exclusively intended for “Professional” investors within the meaning of the MiFID Directive 2004/39/EC of 21 April 2004, and articles 314-4 and following of the General Regulations of the AMF. It is not intended for the general public or for non-professional individual investors within the meaning of all local regulations, or for “US Persons”, as defined in the Securities and Exchange Commission’s “Regulation S” under the 1933 U.S. Securities Act.

This non-contractual information does not under any circumstances constitute an offer to buy, a solicitation to sell, or advice to invest in financial instruments of Amundi or one of its affiliates (“Amundi”).

Investing involves risks. The performance of the strategies is not guaranteed. In addition, past performance is not in any way a guarantee or a reliable indicator of current or future performance. Investors may lose all or part of the capital originally invested.

Potential investors are encouraged to consult a professional adviser in order to determine whether such an investment is suitable for their profile and must not base their investment decisions solely on the information contained in this document. 

Amundi assumes no liability, either direct or indirect, resulting from the use of any of the information contained in this document, and shall not under any circumstances be held liable for any decisions taken on the basis of this information. This information may not be copied, reproduced, modified, translated or distributed, without the prior written approval of Amundi, for any third person or entity in any country or jurisdiction which would subject Amundi or any of its products to any registration requirements within these jurisdictions or where this might be considered unlawful. 

This information is provided to you based on sources that Amundi considers to be reliable, and it may be modified without prior warning.

Our solutions do not offer a performance or capital guarantee and present a risk of capital loss