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In addition to improving the performance of the companies in which it invests, and driving growth, private equity has historically delivered high returns over the long term. At Amundi Private Equity Funds, our active minority investment strategy gives us access to family-owned and entrepreneurial private companies benefitting from megatrends including technology, social changes, globalisation, environment and demographics.

With 12 dedicated people and €1bn of AuM¹, Amundi Private Equity Funds is an active minority investor which specialises in accompanying growing SMEs.

A specialist active minority investor for growing SMEs  


in assets under management 1


dedicated Investors

€10M to €50M

in investment amounts per transaction

As an active minority investor we have a seat at the Board of Directors and own less than 50% of the companies which we invest in. We can also take a majority stake in consortium with other investors. We focus on growth capital and buyout transactions. We have access to the best European and French private companies – often entrepreneurial and family-owned businesses, whose owners want to maintain control over them.  

We provide high value to the companies that we invest in thanks to:

The SMEs that we support are enjoying rapid growth and are benefiting from one of the five following long-term megatrends: technology, demographics, globalisation, environment and societal changes. These function as long-term transformative powers and major growth levers for companies, creating sound investment opportunities.

Amundi Private Equity Funds currently has a private equity capital offer on megatrends through our Megatrends Programme and a flexible capital offer with our Fleurons programme.


4 and 5 star campsites in Europe, founded in 2010. Amundi has been supporting Sandaya's growth since April 2021.
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the European leader in Managed Wifi as a service, founded in 2002. Amundi has been supporting Wifirst's growth since 2019.
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founded in 2009, is a company that designs mobile phones suitable for use in the most aggressive environments and renowned for their durability. Amundi has been supporting Crosscall’s growth since 2018.
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was founded in 1954 and is the European leader in the design and manufacturing of refrigerated items for heavy goods vehicles. 
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How best to integrate ESG at the core of our investment processes?

ESG has been a focus for Amundi Private Equity Funds since 2013.

Indeed, the team applies a systematic approach on ESG with its due diligences and ranks the companies they invest in between 1 and 7 and only invest in companies with a score of 4 or above.

But what other steps and actions does Amundi Private Equity Funds take to make ESG an integral part of its investment, management and tracking processes? 

Read Amundi Private Equity Funds’ Responsible Investment Charter to learn more on the increasing role that responsible investing is playing at Amundi Private Equity Funds.

Responsible Investor Charter

Responsible Investor Report


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1.  Source : Amundi figures as of end of september 2023

2. Source : Amundi including investments managed on behalf of other expertise and Lyxor assets (30/09/2023)

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